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7 octobre 2021

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Open Houses in Debert, Truro, Millbrook, and Wentworth last week.

We were pleased to have the opportunity to talk to more than 100 community members in-person. Your participation, feedback, and input help us to focus on what matters and to find ways to improve our process. Our team members will follow up with those who have offered information and we will be sharing responses to frequently asked questions and details about upcoming proceedings. We appreciated your overall feedback that will be used to inform our planning in the future. We also want to thank local businesses who allowed us to host these Open Houses in their space, and the local stores and other establishments that let us display posters promoting the Open Houses in advance.

If you were unable to attend the Open Houses, you can download the information we shared at the events here. To stay up to date on our work and upcoming events, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or email us at to sign up for regular updates.

We continue to appreciate that people are coming forward with information to help our investigation, and as we have said, there truly is no fact too small. We are ready to listen and encourage anyone who would like to talk to a member of our team to contact us at or 902-407-7532 (local) or toll-free 1 833-635-2501 to set up a time.

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