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La décision de participation de la Commission des pertes massives a été annoncée par webdiffusion le jeudi 13 mai 2021. L’enregistrement est disponible ci-dessous. Le 25 juin 2021, un addenda à la décision de participation a été publié sur le site Web de la Commission. Vous pouvez également lire la Décision de participation et l’Addenda à la décision de participation complets. Au total, 60 personnes et groupes se sont vus accorder la possibilité de participer officiellement aux travaux de la Commission.

Si vous avez des questions, veuillez envoyer un courriel à ou appelez le 902-407-7532 ou le numéro sans frais 1-833-635-2501.

  • Those Most Affected

    The Orders in Council (NTD: Link) direct that certain groups of people who were most affected by the mass casualty would be granted the right to participate, if they so choose. Those granted Participation include families of the deceased, witnesses and other individuals most affected.

  • Group Applicants

    A number of groups and organizations were granted participation in the Commission’s process based upon their experience and knowledge in areas that relate to the mandate. In order to efficiently benefit from their contributions while making the best use of funding, some Participants were grouped into coalitions according to their purpose, focus and characteristics.

    The groups include Victim Advocacy Organizations, Health-Related Organizations, Firearm Organizations, Justice Organizations, Gender-Based Organizations and Police-Related Organizations.

The role of a Participant varies based on how their contribution will help the Commission fulfill its mandate (NTD: link to mandate page). Some Participants will be more involved in Phase 1 work—helping the Commission understand what happened on April 18 and 19, 2020. Others will be more involved in Phase 2 and 3—exploring the broader context of why and how the mass casualty happened and contributing to recommendations.

Participant contributions can include engaging in the hearings, providing written submissions, and taking part in roundtable discussions. Participants are also entitled to commission their own reports, or put research before the Commission, under the Rules [link to Rules].

Foundational Documents

Currently, Participants are playing an important role in helping the Commission to improve Foundational Documents by providing feedback (NTD: Link to FD page). The Commission has been consulting and meeting with Participants’ counsel to identify gaps or errors within the draft Foundational Documents. As we anticipated, through our consultation with Participants, additional information and evidence has been identified that our investigative and legal teams are now reviewing. This feedback and information helps ensure the Foundational Documents are as accurate as possible before they are shared with the public.

As the Commission’s work continues, the Commission will hear from Participants about how the facts established in Phase 1, primarily through the Foundational Documents, relate to broader questions surrounding the mass casualty and recommendations for change. To learn more about the steps to create Foundational Documents, visit our Foundational Documents webpage (NTD: LINK).

Public Proceedings

The Rules of Practice and Procedure (“the Rules”) (NTD: Link to PDF) were developed collaboratively with Participants to ensure everyone has a common understanding of the roles, processes and approach for public proceedings—including public hearings, roundtables, panels and community meetings.

As outlined in the Rules, Participants will be invited to provide the Commission with questions or areas they wish to have explored with a person providing oral evidence at a hearing. The Commission is currently determining what witnesses will be called in relation to particular issues in the Foundational Documents. This will be shared with Participants through their legal counsel who will have the opportunity to propose additional witnesses to be called at a hearing whom the Participant believe can support, challenge, comment on or supplement the Foundational Documentation in ways that are likely to significantly contribute to an understanding of the issues relevant to our mandate (NTD: link to mandate page).

If a Participant is unable to attend in-person proceedings, a livestream will be available through webcast on our website as well as phone line (audio only). We will also make recordings available on our website so Participants and the public may watch the proceedings at a time that works for them.

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